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Tigran Sargsyan
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“All the superb performers had practiced intensively, had studied with devoted teachers, and had been supported enthusiastically by their families throughout their developing years (Benjamin Bloom). ”

Armenian Code Academy (ACA) is an educational hearth and home of the current reality that provides such an environment. ACA’s graduates are taking key Machine Learning R&D positions at Krisp and other progressive companies. In continuous collaboration with ACA we’re expecting to onboard another dozen of specialists who will change the communication world with Krisp tomorrow!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sure you can! Please, consider applying to our introductory courses.
To participate you need to:
- Register on the web page (after registration you’ll get an email where you can find information about the exam test)
- Take the exam
- Pass an informal interview with the tutor
Afterwards you will be enrolled in the course
You will be informed about the results in two weeks after the exam. Sometimes it can take us three weeks. If you don’t receive a response, please make sure you check the “Spam” folder of your email account.
If you have not been able to solve the math questions, you can apply for the "Math Fundamentals" course after which you can apply for any beginner course.
Depending on what course you choose, the course prices are different. You can learn more about the prices on our website, in separate pages for each given course.
Having your own computer is mandatory.
We cooperate with leading companies in the field (you can see the list of partners on our website), with many of whom we also have internships from time to time. At the end of our Profession courses, we refer the students who have shown good results to the mentioned organizations, as well as to other organizations that are looking for beginner specialists. However, it should be noted that we can not guarantee employment, it all depends on the result of the student and the final decision is made by the organization.
There is an opportunity to have a guaranteed job only at the end of Bootcamp, the details of which you can find at the following link: Bootcamp
We do not organize individual classes. But let us mention that group lessons are not inferior in efficiency. Moreover, during group discussions, team projects, students reinforce the material learned, gain experience that helps to easily integrate into the work environment.
The knowledge of English is highly desirable to participate in the courses. Although the lessons are conducted in Armenian, the terminology, the provided literature and the other resources are in English.
In addition, English language in the field of IT is unavoidable, which is why English is a prerequisite for becoming a software engineer.
Depending on the course, we have online, offline or hybrid classes: theoretical classes (lectures) are held online, and practical classes are held in our classrooms.

We believe it’s never too late to start learning, hence we do not have an upper age restriction.
But we would like to mention that the courses are quite intensive and are aimed at preparing specialists, so they may be too challenging to access for high school students.
In general, we have had both high school students and adults who have participated and successfully completed various courses.
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