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UI Design with Figma

Learn Figma a powerful design tool, and understand the fundamentals of User Interface design in a short period of time.



2 months



Course Format



6 hours/week


65,000 AMD

Experienced Lecturers

Learn from industry experts!

Get practical knowledge from those who successfully work in the industry.

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Anahit Talasyan

Founder salaT · Self-employed

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During the lectures, students get theoretical knowledge, get acquainted with new technologies and working methodologies and discuss the materials.


During the seminars, the students implement the knowledge they received in the theoretical classes. The tutors provide individualized support to each student discussing the problems they encountered.


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User Interface design focuses on developing high-quality software and web applications. It is designed to protect the user's software and computer systems while focusing on appearance and styling. User interface design is responsible for the product's appearance, interactivity, usability, and behavior. Figma is an interface design software that has a lot of offline features. It enables you to rapidly and e...

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Mariam Mkrtchyan

Mariam Mkrtchyan

UX/UI Designer @ ACA

During the course, we learned how to conduct tests and interviews, thanks to which we could target the right users, which is very important in this industry. Immediately after graduation, I started working at ACA.

Marianna Zakaryan

Marianna Zakaryan

Freelance UX/UI Designer

Thanks to the UX/UI Profession course, I acquired a new and favorite profession. Due to the balance of practical and theoretical classes, the result was visible in a short period. My opinion about the effectiveness of the course was further strengthened when I applied my knowledge in practice. ACA provided an opportunity to receive knowledge from a leading expert in the field who delivered it to us, the students, in the most accessible and comprehensible way.

Narek Mkhitaryan

Narek Mkhitaryan

UX/UI Designer @ IU Networks LLC

First of all, I decided to acquire a new profession in a short time and chose one of the most demanded professions at the moment: UX/UI Design and ACA itself on the advice of my acquaintances. I have had §quite a level-up, especially after participating in the UX/UI LVL 1 course. I will recommend ACA because the courses are very effective, and the approach is very professional. I should mention that the hiring process started during the courses, and I got hired right after graduating.

Zara Mnoyan

Zara Mnoyan

UX/UI Designer @ Blockstars

Choosing courses, especially when you are trying to change a professional field, you need to think twice to find the best ones. I chose ACA on the advice of my friends, and I was not mistaken. For 5 months, I studied with a leading specialist in the field, who, in addition to theoretical knowledge, strengthened our love for our new profession through practical lessons. Thanks to his approach, I got my first job right after the course. In order to further improve my knowledge in this field, I have registered for another course, and I am already sure that I will not regret it.


2 months



Course Format:



6 hours/week


65,000 AMD




I have no background, should I enroll in the course?

Yes, for this course no prior background is needed.

I am new in this field and have limited knowledge in design, is this course still suitable for me?

Yes, this course also engages participants with limited knowledge and little experience in design, as well as specialists from related fields.

I cannot decide if Introduction to Design is suitable for me.

You can get a personal consultation here.

Can I apply for a job after graduation:

Yes. This course will provide you with enough knowledge for taking entry positions.

What kind of computer do I need to have?

You need to have a minimum 4GB Ram computer.

Do I need drawing skills?

It is an asset, however not required.