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We are excited to announce the launch of the Dynamics 365 internship program in a special partnership with Bever Systems - one of the most fast-growing companies in Armenia. It is a life-changing opportunity for those who want to boost their knowledge and build their career in the tech industry by receiving quality education and continuous mentorship by high professionals.
The study program is developed specifically for this course based on the requirements of the tech industry and the company needs of Bever.




Course Format



What to expect


Experienced Lecturers

Learn from industry experts!

Well-structured curriculum


Ruben Aghajanyan


Dynamics 365 Introduction

Dynamics 365 Entities and Views

Dynamics 365 Entity Relationships

Dynamics 365 Advanced Find and Personal Views

Dynamics 365 JavaScript Basics

Dynamics 365 PrimaryKey and Lookup field

Dynamics 365 Introduction to FetchXML

Link Entities

Work with Ribbon workbench

CRUD operations with WebAPI

HTML WebResources


Dynamics 365 C# sdk. Example of external App that connects to Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 plugins (C#). onCreate example

Dynamics 365 plugins (C#). Pre and Post step images. onUpdate example

Dynamics 365 plugins (C#). Pre and Post step images. onDelete example

Dynamics 365 workflows. Async and Real Time workflows

Dynamics 365 Custom workflows activities (C#)

Dynamics 365 Actions (C#)

Azure functions and Dynamics 365 webhooks (C#)

Dynamics 365 Security model

Dynamics 365 solutions. Managed vs unmanaged solutions

Dynamics 365 Audits and audit logs

Dynamics 365 offline mobile app

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Bever covers your tuition fee




You need to be comfortable reading technical information in English, have math skills, have good familiarity with computers, and big motivation to learn.
The training will start in early February. The classes will be held in evening hours (the schedule is not finalized yet).
We have 2 selection stages: exam (math, logic, programming tasks) and technical interview.
The exam will include programming tasks, math and logic.
Up to 4 hours weekly for the classes, plus the time for homeworks and assignments.
The training will be offline at ACA (Hakob Hakobyan 3, Yerevan).
3-month training at ACA.
Yes, it is free of charge. The expenses are covered by the partner of this program.
Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate level.
Yes, you can. However, knowledge of English can play a decisive role in the interview phase.
After the program the besties will have a chance to get a job offer by Bever. But at the same time, the program will provide you with the main knowledge and experience that will enable you to get a job in other companies.
After a while you get a call or an email from ACA, then you will be invited to take the exam. According to the results of the examination, you will be invited for an interview.