Armenian Blockchain Academy

We are thrilled to announce that Armenian Blockchain Incubator in cooperation with ACA is launching a new project - Armenian Blockchain Academy.

ABI is a venture studio that will help develop, launch and support early-stage blockchain companies. ABI's thesis is to help founders with the concept creation, strategic business advisory, tokenomics, fundraising, and support from a large industry network.

ABI was founded by HASH Capital and 0xVentures.

HASH Capital makes early-stage equity and token investments in crypto companies. It’s a thesis-driven and research-focused firm looking for outstanding projects building in the Web3 space.

0xVentures is a decentralized organization of builders, that also functions as a fund that invests in exciting blockchain projects.



4 months



Course Format



12 hours/weekly


0 AMD, ABI covers your tuition fee

What to expect

  • Opportunity to start your own Blockchain startup  after successful graduation

  • 4 months free of charge* and intensive course by leading industry professionals

  • Unforgettable experience with ABI and ACA 

* - only if you agree to become an employee or start your own Blockchain startup


  • Proficiency in any programming language

  • At least an Intermediate level of English

  • Good knowledge of algorithms and data structures is a plus

  • Financial background is a plus


Experienced Lecturers

Learn from industry experts!

Get practical knowledge from those who successfully work in the industry.

Well-structured curriculum

Our curriculum specialists work on providing a program with a clear path and necessary theoretical information.



Origin of Blockchain Technology

Introduction to Blockchain

Fundamentals of Cryptography

Blockchain Ecosystem and key L1 protocols

Blockchain Mining, Validation and consensus mechanisms

Learning Ethereum

Smart Contract Basics

Mastering Solidity

Decentralized applications and use cases: DeFi, NFT, Gaming, DAO

L2 solutions

Get Custom Advice

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4 months



Course Format:



Up to 12 hours/weekly


0 AMD, ABI covers your tuition fee




What are the enrollment stages?

We have 2 selection stages: exam (math, logic, programming tasks) and technical interview.

What kind of questions will be included in the exam?

The exam will include programming tasks, math and logic.

How much time should I devote to the training weekly?

Up to 12 hours weekly for the classes, plus the time for homeworks and assignments.

How long is the program?

4-month training

Is participation in the program free of charge?

Yes, it is free of charge. The expenses are covered by the partner of this program.

I have applied to the program, what are the next steps?

After a while you get a call or an email from ACA, then you will be invited to take the exam. According to the results of the examination, you will be invited for an interview.