Align C++ Internship | ACA

We are excited to announce the launch of the C++ Internship program in special partnership with Align Technology.

This is a unique chance for those who are looking forward to building a career in the tech industry. The program will give you an opportunity to study C++ from scratch, and receive a high-quality education from experienced professionals.

The project is organized in cooperation with 42 Yerevan.

The registration is closed.



4 months



Course Format



10-12 hours/weekly


Covered by Align Technology

What to expect?

- 4 months free of charge intensive training course by experienced professionals

- Advanced theoretical knowledge and practical lessons by C++ experts

- Knowledge-sharing sessions and discussions with Align Technology specialists

- Full-time paid internship opportunity at Align Technology upon successful completion of the course

Enrollment Process

- Exam (logical reasoning test and math tasks)

- Interview stage

Please note that at least a Lower Intermediate level of English knowledge is required for participation in the program.


Experienced Lecturers

Learn from industry experts!

Get practical knowledge from those who successfully work in the industry.

Well-structured curriculum

Our curriculum specialists work on providing a program with a clear path and necessary theoretical information.



Intro to C++

While and do



Algorithm complexity

Sorting algorithms

Input parsing


Bitwise operations

Multidimensional arrays


Random numbers

Object-Orient Programming

Member functions, Constructors, Access control

Static members and member functions

Operator overloading, Inheritance, Virtual functions

Basic design patterns

Function templates, Class templates, Member templates

STL overview

Sequential containers

Callbacks, Binary predicates of order, Input and output iterators

Container adapters, Associative containers:

Data Structures

Binary trees and Binary Search trees


Basic exception handling, Advanced exceptions

Enum classes, Regular expressions

Introduction to basic GUI programming using Qt

C++ compilation model and stages

The C++ preprocessor

Creating libraries and using 3rd party libraries

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4 months



Course Format:



covered by Align Technology



Frequently Asked Questions

What background do I need to apply for this program?

Applicants should be familiar with higher mathematics, have English knowledge, and have a strong motivation to learn.

What’s the schedule of the program?

The training will start in November. The classes will be held in the evening hours: the schedule is not finalized yet.

How to participate in the program?

For participation you need to:
- Register through the website
- Take the exam
- Pass an interview with the tutor

What kind of questions does the exam include?

The exam includes math and logic questions.

How will the course be held?

The lessons will be held offline at the ACA office - Hakob Hakobyan 3, Yerevan.

Is participation in the program free of charge?

Yes, it is free of charge. The expenses are covered by Align Technology company.

What level of English is required to participate in the program?

An intermediate level of English is required for participation.

Is permanent work guaranteed after the internship?

The program will provide students with knowledge and experience in line with the requirements of the tech industry. The students with the best results will have the opportunity to pass a one-year internship at Align Technology, after successful compilation of which they will be transferred to a staff position.

Do you have an age restriction for participation?

Applicants need to be at least 18 years old.

Is it necessary to have a personal laptop?

Having your own laptop is mandatory.