Levon Mkrtchyan


About the course

This introductory course by ACA is perfect for those who want to take their very first steps in IT Project Management. It will lay a firm foundation for basic concepts and different methodologies of software project management used in the business space. With the help of our experienced instructors, you will learn about the different types of software projects and the challenges that each of these types poses in front of a project manager. Enroll now and get one of the most demanded professions of today!

Please Note: The goal of this course it teaching students Project Management fundamentals as applied to the IT industry, thus no prior knowledge is required.

Learning Process

The topics will be covered in a diversified but logically structured order to make the learning process as efficient as possible. Most topics in the course are accompanied by case studies intended for both in-class and homework assignment.




Get Qualified

The status of graduate of this course will allow you to continue your studies on a deeper level.

Gain practical knowledge

Students passing this course should display knowledge, ability and behavioral skills to manage projects at an entry/mid level in the IT industry, as well as familiarity with concepts, tools, techniques and methodologies used.