Machine Learning & Data Science
25 Week Course

This course is first of it’s kind training course developed by Armenian Code Academy, PicsArt and partner companies. All the selected candidates will be provided with full scholarship from PicsArt and partner companies.

Various fields

This course covers most of modern machine learning technologies and applications.


Due to the amount of material we have to cover, we are going to have 4 classes per week, lasting 2-4 hours. This means that it would be expremely hard to combine this course with full time work.

Invited tutors

We’ll have various invited tutors who are well known professionals in their fields of interest.


During educational process you will not only learn the theory of machine learning but also advanced engineering with Python.


After each workshop you’ll implement a real-life project in a group.


Successful graduates of this course will be hired by PicsArt and other partner companies of ACA.

Course Syllabus

  • Coding with Python
  • Fundamentals of Supervised Learning (3 weeks)
  • Introduction to Neural Networks (4 weeks)
  • Convolutional Neural Networks (2 weeks)
  • Natural Language Processing (2 weeks)
  • Time Series Analysis (2 weeks)
  • Reinforcement Learning (2 weeks)
  • Unsupervised Clustering (2 weeks)
  • Unsupervised Learning (2 weeks)
  • Workshop on Building Recommendation Engine (2 weeks)

frequently asked questions

What preliminary experience is needed?

Good knowledge of linear algebra, mathematical analysis is highly desired. Knowledge of statistics, probability theory and Python will be considered as advantage.

Can students participate in this course ?

Yes, enrollment is open to everyone. But homework and classes will be between 25-35 hours weekly based on your math and programming background.

How will the selection process be organized ?

All the applied candidates will be invited for an exam, after which shortlisted applicants will be interviewed.

What’s the schedule of classes ?

There will be 3 lectures during working days in the 14:00-18:00 interval (usually 2-3 hours), and one seminar on Weekend lasting up to 6 hours. Also, there will be some parts of the course with invited speakers, when the classes will be full time.

In which language will the course be taught?

Most of the course will be taught in English.

Is there any age restriction ?

No, there isn’t.

Enrollment is over!