Product Management
4 Month Course

As part of the grant projects announced by the Ministry of High-Tech Industry of the Republic of Armenia, Armenian Code Academy is organizing the "Machine Learning" course. There are available full and partial scholarships from the Ministry of HTI and our partner companies.

Various fields

This course covers most of modern product management learning technologies and tools.


Due to the amount of material we have to cover, we are going to have 4-5 classes per week, lasting 3-4.5 hours. This means that it would be expremely hard to combine this course with full time work.

Invited tutors

We’ll have various invited tutors who are well known professionals in their fields of interest.


During educational process you will not only learn the theory of product management but will also implement a hands-on project.


After each workshop you’ll implement a real-life project in a group.


Successful graduates of this course will be hired by our partner companies.

Course Syllabus

    Part 1: Empowering Product Success

  • The Old, Bad Approach
  • Technology-driven Products
  • The Anatomy of Successful Products
  • The Ugly Truths About Product
  • The Practice of Product Management
  • The History and Evolution of Product Management
  • Part 2: The Product Manager Role

  • Who is a Product Manager?
  • Why Do We Need Product Managers?
  • When Do We Need Product Managers?
  • What Product Manager is Not
  • The Product Organization
  • The Two Big Phases
  • Part 3: The Rise of Lean and Agile

  • Things Before Agile
  • The Rise of Agile
  • The Three Big Movements
  • The Lean Startup Methodology
  • The Lean Product Process
  • Part 4: Empowering People

  • The Product Team
  • Empowering Engineers
  • Empowering Product Designers
  • Influencing Stakeholders
  • The Role of Product Leadership

    Part 5: The Product Discovery Phase

  • The Product Discovery Process
  • Defining Your Desired Outcomes
  • Exploring the Relevant Problem Space
  • Finding the Right Market Opportunities
  • Forming the Solution Space
  • Creating a Minimum Solution Prototype
  • Testing the Minimum Solution Prototype
  • Measuring Product/Market Fit
  • Part 6: Empowering Your Knowledge

  • The Product Delivery Process
  • Delivery Planning Techniques
  • Delivery Prioritization Techniques
  • Delivery Artifacts
  • Best Practices in Product Delivery
  • Part 7: Food For Thought

  • The Orientation Week
  • Common Mistakes Beginner Product Managers Make
  • Skills That Need Consistent Improvement
  • Traits of Great Product Managers
  • Preparing for Interviews

  • Introduction to Product Design
  • Introduction to Software Engineering
  • Introduction to Agile Delivery

Principal Lecturer

Rafayel Mkrtchyan

Chief Product Officer

Teaching Assistants

Hayk Poghosyan

Product Manager
Webb Fontaine Armenia

Khachatur Vantsyan

Product Manager

frequently asked questions

What preliminary experience is needed?

Analytical thinking, knowledge of English, computer and mathematical knowledge, communication skills and ability to learn in a non-formal environment

Who can participate?

The program is open to citizens of the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Artsakh (over 18 y.o. Yerevan applicants and over 16 y.o. applicants from regions and Republic of Artsakh), who will successfully undergo the admission procedure and will meet the objectives of the program.

What's the application procedure?

  • 1. Fill in the registration form (Applicant confirms his/her readiness to compensate the organizer for damages resulting from the transmission of false, incorrect and/or incomplete information about personal data)
  • 2. Take an online test. You can also take a mock-exam to test your knowledge
  • Applicants who pass the entrance threshold will be invited for an individual online interview.
  • NOTE: you can find all the links by following the "Enroll" button below.
  • What’s the format of classes?

    The "Product Management" course will be conducted 4-5 times a week in 3 theoretical (4.5 hours) and 1 or 2 practical (3 hours in total) formats. The course duration is 4 months, a total of 72 lessons (54 theoretical և 18 practical lessons). Practical lessons will be organized in groups of 24 people on average. In addition to the classes on the topics covered in the program, instructors will have two (totally 4) 4-hour question and answer seminars (office hours) each week.

    What will I get at the end of the course?

    • - Certificate of Excellence (in case of a final grade of 85% and more points),
    • - Graduation Certificate (in case of 50% - 85% of the final grade),
    • - Certificate of Participation (in case of less than 50% points of the final grade).
    • - CVs and graduation projects of excellent students will be referred to ACA partner companies, with letters of recommendation for top 10 students.

    How much is the course fee?

    • The courses are co-financed. The state will finance part of the course cost, which will depend on the results of the admission competition (see scale below).
    • Based on the exam results and the interview, the course fee that should be paid by the course participant will be determined. To participate in the course, the applicant must make the payment before the start of the course.
    • The cost of the four-month course is 200,000 AMD.
    • For example, if the participant in the test result showed a score higher than 76% and
    • - If the participant is from Yerevan, 80% of the course fee (160,000 AMD) will be paid by the Ministry of BTA, and the participant will pay 20% (40,000 AMD).
    • - If the participant is from the region and the Republic of Artsakh, 90% (180,000 AMD) of the course cost will be paid by the Ministry of BTA, and the participant will pay 10% (20,000 AMD).


    Still have questions?

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