About the Internship

The job market today favors engineers with experience across disciplines. And that’s not surprising, considering that with versatilists on staff, business and service providers can stretch their personnel budgets further than they could with specialists. Today, none of the top 25 companies in the Fortune 500 use only one coding language for their products and services.
Moving with the times Workfront is pleased to announce an internship program for versatilist engineers in cooperation with Armenian Code Academy. The internship consists of 3 parts. During the first part, you will learn Spring and work in teams on challenging projects. In the second part, you will have a 9-week intensive training on JavaScript and React. And, the final third part will be full-time, paid internship in Workfront product teams. The graduate engineer will be ready to do Front-End, Back-End, and Test development work.

What will you get from Workfront internship program?

-Trainings in theoretical basics of Front-End, Back-End, and Test development work,
-Practical experience actually working on and contributing to enterprise-grade product,
-Opportunity to learn from more experienced professionals,
-First-hand information and consideration for any relevant opening we have in the future

How long will the internship last?

-The duration is six months.

What should you do to get selected for Workfront internship program?

-Dedicate time to tell us what you know about coding;
-Keep calm and be yourself - we do understand that you've probably had no experience with some of the aspects highlighted in the questionnaire. Leaving some of the answers blank is totally fine;
-Be ready to work at least four hours for five days a week;
-Relax and we will get in touch with you!

Requirements to participate

-If you really want to be an engineer and have a strong understanding that it is your destiny, feel free to skip next sections and apply for the internship)))

-Bachelor's degree in Computer Science is highly preferable;
-Some experience in back-end development is desired;
-Knowledge of Java, HTML, CSS is desired;
-Knowledge of JS is appreciated;
-Familiar with OOP and design patterns, knowledge and/or experience is appreciated;
-Basic knowledge of web development principles;
-Ability to complete tasks on time and with proper quality;
-Ability to work both independently and as part of a team in a fast-paced environment;
-Initiative taking and self-motivated person;
-Ability to learn fast and eagerness to learn more.

Duration: 4 months
Effort: 12 hours/week
Price: Free
Level: Intermediate

Course Syllabus

Java Fundamentals
Design patterns
Spring MVC
SQL overview
Team project on Spring
Javascript basics
OOP Concepts
Rest API
Web Sockets
Reactive extensions


Lectures and seminars are important components of our teaching method. After each lesson, students receive homework and lecture materials, which are available online in their personal account. In addition, during the training students will be accompanied not only by lecturers, but also by personal tutors, who will gladly answer all their questions after lessons.





The final stage of the course will be the implementation of team projects and their presentation to Workfront representatives.

Get Certified

After graduation you will receive a certificate highly valued among leading IT companies.

Enhance Portfolio

At the end of the course we will help you create your personal portfolio.

Get Hired

Successfully graduated students will receive job offers with highly competitive salaries from the leading IT company Workfront.

Enrollment until September 30

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