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Levon Oganesyan


About the course

Our new “Intermediate C++” course is designed for people with a basic but firm programming background who have decided to pursue a career in C++ development. The course covers an extremely wide range of topics relating to C++, Data structures, Object-Oriented programming and design, basics of GUI programming, multithreading, and more.

Please Note: Knowledge of basic C++ concepts such as variables and their scope, basic types, loops, functions, strings, function overloading, working with arrays or vectors is necessary in order to participate in this course.

Learning Process

The topics will be covered in a diversified but logically structured order to make the learning process as efficient as possible. Most topics in the course are accompanied by a carefully selected problem set and tasks intended for both in-class and homework assignment.The course participants will also implement one or more small-scale projects during the course.





The final stage of the course will be the implementation of team projects and their presentation to the company representatives. You can implement your own ideas, or choose one project from variety of projects offered by our partners.

Get Certified

After graduation you will receive a certificate highly valued among leading IT companies.

Enhance Portfolio

At the end of the course we will help you create your personal portfolio.

Get Hired

After the training, we will guide the best students of the group in the IT market in the search for a job.

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