Armenian Code Academy is the leading tech bootcamp in Armenia

Here at ACA we are passionate about educating new specialistsand ensuring their professional self-realization, thus, supportingthe market and the progress in Armenia’s technological future.

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Internship programs

Customized for your needs

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How to start your internship with ACA?

1. Describe your stack and ACA will design the curriculum

2. Approve the curriculum and suggested tutor candidacy

3. Approve already screened and selected students for the course

4. Make a mid-course office tour

5. Assess graduates and hire the best performers

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Internal Trainings

Bring cutting edge technologies

Strengthen team competencies

Changing technology stack

Graduate Partner

Access to the best juniors

Access to all-time graduates


Industry Testimonials

Tigran Sargsyan
Arsen Babayan
Narek Gevorgyan
“All the superb performers had practiced intensively, had studied with devoted teachers, and had been supported enthusiastically by their families throughout their developing years (Benjamin Bloom). ”

Armenian Code Academy (ACA) is an educational hearth and home of the current reality that provides such an environment. ACA’s graduates are taking key Machine Learning R&D positions at Krisp and other progressive companies. In continuous collaboration with ACA we’re expecting to onboard another dozen of specialists who will change the communication world with Krisp tomorrow!

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